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Fighting Bees at Hextechkc!

St. Ambrose University

The Fighting Bees Esports Team had a blast at Nextechkc past November!

🍯 1st Place
🐝 Lucas Watson and Ben Mallon take home the first place trophy and $1,250 in prize money for SAU Esports! The players also won Fortnite Chug Jug trophies! Coach Evan Furniss, Coach Chase Neukam, and the rest of the Fighting Bees BR team celebrated with the players after the placements were announced!
📘 Bracket:…/fortn…/5da15c596dd248173671825e/info…

Apex Legends:
🍯 1st Place
🐝 Devyn Hil, Fernando, Preciado-Leal, and Joseph Henderson won the Apex bracket and took home 3D printed custom Apex Trophies! Coach Chase Neukam and Coach Evan Furniss watched the spectacle as the Apex team tore through the bracket to secure their victory.
📘 Bracket:…/apex-…/5da15d965035803625d488bc/info…

$2000 Pub G (Duos):
🍯 4th Place
🐝 The first duo squad made up of Fernando Preciado-Leal and Joseph Henderson took 4th place in the Pub G duos bracket. Since top 3 placements were paid out, they were just shy of winning prize money, but an extraordinary feat in itself! The second duo squad consisting of Devyn Hil and Assistant Coach Evan Furniss had some unfortunate rotations and luck was not on their side as they secured 7th place.
📘 Bracket:…/pubg-…/5da161eaf90a5b1643432e1e/info…

$1000 Overwatch:
🍯 4th Place
🐝 The team consisting of Captain Nathan Smith, Alyssa Duran, John Houston, Alex Schade, Jasser Almaimani, Luke Pearson, and Marcos Santiago fought their hearts out at Nextech KC. After competing for 8 hours straight without any breaks from the organizers, the team secured 4th place!
📘 Bracket:…/overw…/5da15ebb44999136501da8a9/info…

MEC League of Legends:
🍯 7th Place
🐝 The full Fighting Bees LoL roster of Nick Fliger, Mike Ramos, Otto Eulert, Jesse Alcasid, and John Whittle grouped up for their first LAN together as a team. The competition in the Midwest Esports Collegiate Conference proved to be fierce and forced the Fighting Bees to try new strategies. Coach Dusan Perovic collaborated with the players and kept the team sharp during the event.
📘 Bracket:

Congratulations to all the #FightingBees for their accomplishments, lessons, and teamwork this weekend!
St. Ambrose University

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